Make a Good Direct Mail Campaign GREAT!

Even if your direct mail is performing well, why not make a good thing better? With the power of Direct Mail Accelerator™ you will generate even more qualified leads and boost sales while driving your cost-per-conversion down.

By combining your targeted direct mail with three automated marketing tools—mail monitoring, call tracking, and Google online follow-up, your Direct Mail will perform far beyond traditional direct mail programs.

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Direct Mail Accelerator Marketing Benefits:

  • ANTICIPATE DEMAND. Mail-tracking allows you to know the exact day your campaign will arrive. Gauge accurately when to increase staff.
  • NO LEADS LEFT BEHIND. Integrated Google ads follow your prospects after they leave your site.
  • DRIVE BUYERS TO YOUR WEBSITE. Google-powered ads help bring buyers closer to a purchase.
  • LIFT RESPONSE RATES with the combined power of print and digital.
  • EXTEND YOUR CAMPAIGN for up to a month with follow up Google online advertising.
  • GAIN SALES INSIGHTS. Use tracking to learn what is working and what’s not.
  • CAPTURE CUSTOMERS AND PROSPECTS using multi-channel, actionable tactics.
  • DASHBOARD CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT. Monitor the performance of your campaign in real-time.
  • EASY ONLINE MANAGEMENT AND REPORTING provide valuable insights and help improve future campaigns.