Marketing materials at your fingertips.

Your dealer in Topeka needs more letterhead, your sales department has three new employees who need business cards, the Arizona office needs 500 capabilities brochures asap.


Meeting your ongoing print needs is easy. Login to DirectConnect, fill in the customizable text fields, type in your quantity and click to place your order. Boom! You’re done!

Real-time, customized, brand management solutions.

DirectConnect is a built-to-order web portal that offers secure, 24/7 access to, and control of your brand’s marketing materials portfolio. Completely customized and branded with your company’s look and feel.


It’s an automated, e-commerce-capable solution that offers controlled availability, ordering and distribution of materials for sales offices, distributors or dealers around the world, with versioning, customization and personalization capabilities for variable one-to-one marketing.


DirectConnect also provides executive-level dashboard insight with real-time utilization tracking. ROI performance reporting and inventory management, allow you to control and significantly reduce shipping, fulfillment, inventory, rush production and obsolescence costs.

directconnect-icon-resize135x135I want to know how I can use DirectConnect to save money and manage my branded marketing tools.