Maximize your conversion opportunities.

You just launched your renovated website incorporating SEO, extraordinary imaging and compelling, strategic content. Now all you have to do is wait for the conversions to flood in, right? Well, not exactly.



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Use ClickTrigger to attract buyers — over, and over again.

Driving traffic to your site is the first opportunity to convert prospects to buyers, but not the last. ClickTrigger is a strategic, lead generation program which follows your visitors after they leave your site so you can find opportunities to bring them back.


ClickTrigger leverages data collected from visitors to your site. It appeals to those who didn’t convert. And, re-engages buyers who abandoned their carts.


Based on visitors’ specific product views ClickTrigger’s PPC remarketing, Google Adwords campaigns, offer narrow targeting and highly qualified lead generation. ClickTrigger also presents offers based on past purchases with targeted emails or SMS.


Higher conversion rates. Connecting goals with data. Up-selling, cross-selling and showcasing product categories are just a few of the reasons to incorporate ClickTrigger — a high-performance, search-driven digital marketing tool — into your Precision Marketing program.

clicktrigger-iconI want to learn more about how I can increase sales by re-engaging and attracting more visitors to my website.