Convert browsers into buyers. Your website doesn’t go to anyone. Learn how multi-channel marketers are using their customer and market data to drive higher levels of response, digital engagement, conversion and retention with a Data-Driven Print outreach strategy.

Harness the power of what you know about your buyers to create more sales.


With Data-Driven Print marketing from NEXT / GLS, you can use what you know about your customers and markets to drive unprecedented levels of response to your catalogs, print collateral and direct mail campaigns.


Our digital print technology meets your data. Securely.


The convergence of our advanced digital printing technology, secure SOC2-compliant data management environment and your customer data, leads and market insights, let you target your audience, market segments or individual customers in entirely new, individualized ways.

Align your print with your marketing goals.


From simple variable personalization to targeted segmentation of your markets with the most personally-relevant text, images and offers, Data-Driven Print from NEXT / GLS helps you create powerful one-to-one connections that drive buyers to your offers, dealers, website or storefronts. In a digital world, Data-Driven Print works.

Lift engagement 3X to 10X – and that’s just the beginning.


NEXT / GLS is a global leader in digital printing and Data-Driven Print marketing. And now, we can show you how to use your growing buyer data, leads and targeted 3rd-party lists to create individualized programs and campaigns that have been shown to generate 3X to 10X lift in response, while increasing order size, customer retention and brand loyalty levels.

Getting started with Data-Driven Print is easier than you think. Learn more.


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