Changing voice to reach a changing market

We’ve been blessed to work with Pentair for many years, across many business segments and products under the Pentair flag. With our long relationship and some of the other clients we work with, our instincts about their markets and customers are very refined. Pursuing a new campaign in their oil and gas business, Pentair’s Hoffman brand of electrical and electronic enclosures asked us to produce marketing and creative product that breaks through the clutter.


Our process begins with stakeholder and market insights, assuring that what we and the client believe aligns with what the market believes. This exercise points out any disconnects and illuminates opportunities. Such was the case in this new campaign. Traditionally a product-focused communicator, we recommended to Hoffman’s segment manager and marketing director that a change in voice would shake things up and generate immediate attention to the company’s latest selection of equipment protection products for the oil and gas industry. Happily, they agreed to let us pursue the edges, change their voice and style, but be mindful of the company’s heritage and Pentair’s corporate communication standards.


Presenting numerous campaign concepts, we were especially gratified when the folks at Hoffman chose the solution we felt strongest about. A strong voice and stunning visuals, delivered with powerful creative and even entertaining headlines, featuring bold typography and disarming simplicity, drives home the message of Pentair’s Hoffman brand as a confident and trusted partner. Astute relevancy and empathy to a demanding market combines with decades of technical experience, reinforcing the idea that Hoffman knows their challenges well.


This campaign is being applied across a broad schedule of media and tactics including trade shows, brochures, digital and print media, direct mail and others. The client is thrilled with the approach that is helping Hoffman raise its visibility in a vital market segment. As this project has shown, something as simple as a change of voice to capture your true, customer-centric authenticity, is all that it takes to change the game.

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