Portraying a joint partnership in print

When brands come together to leverage each other’s strengths, the results can be powerful. But creating understanding and awareness of partnerships without confusing or alienating customers can be challenging. This was the challenge faced by Patterson Dental, a leading national supplier of products and services to the dental, medical and veterinary industries.


Patterson’s Eaglesoft practice management software is widely used in dental offices nationwide. To broaden its benefits, Patterson partnered with another software provider, RevenueWell, to promote a suite of online marketing and patient communication tools that integrate with Eaglesoft.


To launch the product partnership, Patterson and RevenueWell commissioned a joint mailer to be sent to Eaglesoft customers. Patterson’s Print Production Manager Jonathan Mason notes it was both a product introduction and the first major marketing piece. “We needed it to make a splash…it had to be extremely impactful,” he says.


Among the objectives was to include an interactive aspect, something to engage and intrigue the recipient. But it also had to keep the familiar Eaglesoft branding while bringing the two brands together in overall look and feel. Mason asked, “The challenge was how to show two independent brands with a powerful synergy — how do you show them as integrated while keeping them distinct as well?” The answer was to look for recognizable characteristics of both brands that would play together in design and in print.


The team focused on a design element used by RevenueWell in its marketing communications — a textured, “gritty” look used in visuals of existing print and online marketing. From this theme, a design emerged in which RevenueWell’s textured background would be combined with a specific blue color familiar to the targeted recipients who were already engaged with the Eaglesoft brand.


To further heighten the textural qualities of the printed pieces, we employed a gritty UV coating that yielded a distinct tactile feel, adding an extra dimension of impact and memorability. A teaser headline and an interactive component further engaged recipients and evoked curiosity. We engineered a perforated pull-tab strip on the face of the mailer exterior that, when pulled, revealed the payoff message and permitted access to the remaining panels of the piece.


When it all came together, both Patterson and RevenueWell were extremely satisfied with both the solution and the customer response. We felt confident they would. Because after years of working closely with customers, strategic partnership is an idea we understand very well.

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