Making beautiful music together with a sensory print-to-digital user experience

McPherson Guitars is a maker of ultra high-end acoustic guitars. The brand has become popular with accomplished musicians, not just because their guitars reflect the highest craftsmanship and the exotic woods and inlays used in their build, but because they’ve become known for their exceptional sound. The craftsmanship and quality of their product is reflected in their exquisitely designed and lavishly produced print catalog that features rich imagery and lyrical copy, painting a beautiful picture for the discriminating musician.


However, a McPherson guitar’s most transcendent qualities — its sound — are not as easily represented in print. That’s when we consulted with Mark Griffin, co-creative director of Mathews Inc. (McPherson’s parent company) who had a vision to integrate a digital experience of sound, through the use of QR codes connected to artist videos hosted on the McPherson website. By scanning a QR code with a mobile device, the catalog can be used to transport readers to a world of sound and performance — a world where McPherson Guitars truly come to life.


“A guitar is a very sensory experience,” Griffin says. “You touch it, see the craftsmanship and listen to it. But you can’t communicate that through a catalog no matter how great a designer you are. But through the use of QR codes, you can.”


With deep experience driving integrated media, we worked with Mark to help successfully bring this added dimension to the McPherson catalog. We have extensive experience with many emerging multimedia technologies that create rich user experiences and mobile digital engagement, including QR codes and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies that help bring your products to life in astonishing ways.

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