A premier hunting bow manufacturer aims for higher sales with a targeted direct mail strategy

Mathews makes extraordinarily high-quality hunting bows for the outdoor sports market. When they look for partners to reflect the same quality in their print catalogs and marketing pieces, they turned to us. A long relationship we appreciate being a part of.


In 2010, when Mathews was set to introduce their new Z7 hunting bow to the market, Brad Treu, the Marketing Manager for Mathews wanted a slightly different approach. While the company routinely packaged DVDs that feature high quality bow hunting adventure stories as a post-purchase reward for customers, this time the company wanted to see if that same approach used in a direct, pre-engagement tactic would stimulate a favorable sales response.


A high-impact mailer featuring stunning photography re-purposed from the company’s catalog, product content on the new model and an innovative pop-up DVD holder incited the user to engage in a multi-media experience. The campaign was cleverly staged to drop around the time when tax refunds might appear in the mailboxes of recipients, along with the hard-to-ignore Mathews dimensional mailer.


A unique aspect of the mailer was a cost-effective die-cut clasp to hold the DVD in place and a clever design element reflecting a proprietary Mathews technology — small, integrated, circular “harmonic damper” that reduces vibration. The trademark look is reflected on both the DVD and imprinted on the pop-out holder. It’s even reflected in the red and black color theme seen throughout the piece. The effect: a dramatic reminder of an exclusive Mathews feature.


Success came quickly — within 14 days of mailing to be exact. Treu reported, “It was a quicker response than we anticipated. We were hearing from our retailers all across the country. They were asking ‘Wow! What is this mailer people are walking in with?’ — it was definitely creating foot traffic.” Today, this mailer remains a strong example of how our partnerships with companies like Mathews, and the collaborative solutions we help create, hit the bullseye with rapid sales response.

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