A precision-targeted direct campaign for a precision spray gun

For nearly 90 years, Graco Inc. has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of spray equipment and pumps. When they launched a new version of their high-precision Pro XP electrostatic spray gun, they needed a partner who could pull the trigger on an equally precise marketing campaign with a very short turnaround and modest budget.


Graco’s Pro XP electrostatic spray gun uses low voltage electrical charges, both on the surface to be painted and through the paint itself – attracting paint like a magnet with a technology that wraps paint around the product and virtually eliminates overspray waste. To dramatize the consequences of not using this advanced technology, we envisioned an unforgettable direct mail campaign.


Designing a three-dimensional direct mail box with a relevant, entertaining theme that is impossible to ignore, we quickly engineered a pop-up of the spray gun and included a branded can cooler snap-wrap that reinforces the idea of 360-degree painting. A compelling story and infographic portrayed the savings created by eliminating waste of expensive commercial paints, as well as yielding increases in job speed and quality with reduced environmental impact.


Each box was individualized to the recipients of a hyper-targeted mailing list using our data-driven digital printing technology and innovative package design capabilities. A personalized web landing page (pURL) tailored to each recipient allowed them to realize their own savings based upon their paint volumes through an interactive calculator. The personal page also let users view videos of the remarkable technology in action, download information and engage Graco’s sales team.


Upon seeing the presentation of the concept, Graco quickly expanded the scope of the program to international, asking us to produce the program in three languages and leverage our experienced global distribution capabilities.


Working within a tight 5-week window and maintaining budgets, Graco was very pleased with the outcome and results. They report the program was well received with excellent engagement and success, both domestically and internationally. When it comes to producing smart, memorable and highly-targeted promotional programs across multiple channels (and multiple countries), Precision Marketing from NEXT / GLS has you completely covered.

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