Building a powerful brand for a product that thrives on tearing things apart

Genesis Attachments builds jaws and shears for the largest heavy equipment serving the demolition, scrap processing, recycling and material handling industries. Based on the engineering and value of its product, the company had done well since its launch in 1997, but soon realized it needed to increase the horsepower of its marketing to compete with larger competitors on a global basis.


In a world of idealized marketing images and polished products, the world of Genesis is quite different. Not only is the industry gritty and competitive, but driven by uncompromising uptime and productivity demands. Insight into the mind of the audience, and the company itself, is essential when building a brand from the ground up.


Our approach starts with the expression of visuals and language. Due to access restrictions at customer sites, which provide only limited photographic assets, we reimagined client-supplied visuals in a way that makes their product the epitome of workhorse ruggedness and productivity. Our digital compositions knitted together massive piles of scrap, late evening skies and existing machine images to create heroic product images that communicate the ideas of non-stop work and flawless operation. This larger-than-life visual strategy was reinforced by simple, bold, but understated messages that evoke the grit, toughness and uncompromising nature of some of the world’s most demanding industries.


Expressed across multiple media, from websites to banner and print ads, catalogs, direct mail campaigns, trade show visuals, and across editorial and social media, the Genesis brand has achieved renewed levels of brand recognition and credibility, resulting in outstanding awareness and sales activity. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our friends at Genesis, even where resources are limited, there’s value in what you can create from it.

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