Elevating the brand and web experience for rooftop safety

Despite their position among the leaders in rooftop safety guardrails, the Bluewater Manufacturing website was decidedly ground floor. Still operating on their first generation design, the company had grown tremendously with many new products and was also experiencing the pressures of competition from other companies with strong websites. The former site lacked organization, product and specification resources, branding and search engine strength.


Following an insight phase that consisted of competitive analysis, stakeholder and customer insights, we embarked on redesign and redeployment to a flexible new content management system (CMS) that allows the customer to easily update news and product information. Organization and product architecture was informed by keyword market research, and SEO data combined with a new emphasis on their lead product (which, to the satisfaction of the company, we reimagined as a safety rail system, rather than a series of individual components). Navigation and product data was tied to useful interactive visualization, portraying an installed system on a building rooftop.


The new site was developed around an ecommerce platform for future flexibility and the option of enabling commerce. New technical reference, regulations resources and specification/quoting tools, along with new branding, elevates the usefulness of the site and drives organic SEO. We also determined it was imperative the site be responsive to mobile devices — of particular use for consultants specifying guard rail systems on tablets or phones while actually on rooftops.


With its content-rich and forward-thinking design, the new Bluewater site has been very well received by the client, safety consultants and end user customers. Featuring new ease of use and branding plus solid mechanics, organization and search engine optimization, online engagement for Bluewater is looking up.

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