An annual mission to communicate global success

We’re grateful for our long relationship with Bemis Companies, one of the world’s largest packaging technologies company. As they proudly state, “we work collaboratively with forward-thinking companies to find better ways to succeed” — a philosophy we strongly support in our work as well.


Recently Bemis launched a new brand identity they wanted to share in the company’s annual report to shareholders — a project we’ve been honored to create, print and distribute globally for several years. We agreed the annual report was an ideal venue to reiterate how the company’s long-held vision and values were supported by the new brand.


We started with several design concepts and cover designs. Two designs in particular stood out and the client was having difficulty selecting one. Our designer made that choice easy by reimagining the design into a third iteration that successfully integrated the best ideas of both.


Design of the narrative section of the report reflected the new identity as well, describing market segments and growth markets for Bemis, along with highlighting the company’s latest technology and innovations, reinforced by photographs of Bemis packaging brought to life by recognizable consumer product and manufacturer brands. As is often the case with the annual reports we produce, coordinating the group photo with the Board of Directors requires speed and agility, being respectful of the availability and time of these leaders.


As Bemis would certainly agree, the most compelling aspects of their story is really the stories of their customers — stories and statements we continue to share in the report. Quotes from satisfied customers are the backbone of this design.


Our knowledge and experience in presenting financial information according to SEC regulation is vital to the success of any annual report design, as well as our proofreading and review process that assures the highest levels of quality control for these important documents.


When communicating through print, we know all the techniques to help portray a company according to its vision. In the case of Bemis, we employed full color printing along with their brand signature spot color. To further articulate their quality and customer stories, we enhance the report with a combination of gloss and dull strikethrough UV that adds dimension and feel. Finally, our global fulfillment and distribution capabilities are utilized to deploy the report according to precise deadlines, worldwide.


Annual reports are often the most visible and important way to communicate a company’s story, vision and results to the investment community, employees, customers and shareholders alike. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously. When it comes to your important communications, you can trust that we approach projects as an extension of your team, and with the same vision and energy you put into your business.

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