Security Controls – Your Customers Are Trusting You – Here’s Why You Can Trust Us

Customers expect that businesses will use their information to make their lives easier, until that information is compromised and trust is broken. Over time, data security and privacy are only going to get more important to your customers. The costs to any data breach are high, and the complex methods for securing your data keeps changing. That’s why GLS / NEXT is continually adapting our protocols and increasing security practices to minimize our clients’ data-related risks.


One way to stay abreast of the latest in data security is to have third party auditors review systems and compliance evidence in an ongoing and thorough manner. For example, GLS recently earned HITRUST CSF® Certification by demonstrating that our security policies, practices and evidence meet the requirements of the strict HITRUST auditing standards. HITRUST CSF Certification demonstrates our personalized print processing and mailing systems have met key regulatory and industry-defined requirements, and that we are appropriately managing risk. This achievement places GLS in an elite group of organizations worldwide that have earned this prestigious certification. Learn more about the HITRUST CSF at

“By taking the steps necessary to obtain HITRUST CSF Certified status, GLS Companies is distinguished as an organization that people can count on to keep their information safe.”
—Ken Vander Wal
Chief Compliance Officer, HITRUST

We have a history of meeting a wide range of standards in order to improve our client’s peace of mind. These include G7 print quality standards, ISO 9001:2015 quality standards, FSC/SFI renewable resource management, and many more. Another example of the GLS security/compliance related standards is our annual process of having external auditors perform SOC 2 Type 2 audits of our security, confidentiality and availability. While HITRUST is a control framework, SOC 2 is a reporting framework—so it includes extensive third-party auditing of all GLS technology and data processes throughout an annual cycle.


GLS / NEXT has a “culture of security” which is integrated into our employees work habits. We continuously follow hundreds of intense security practices such as:


  • Confidential data is restricted to select individuals with security approval
  • Computers have state-of-the-art anti-malware software installed to block a widerange of web-based threats
  • All employees, prior to hiring and every four years thereafter, are subject to abackground check
  • Employees complete security awareness training upon hiring and annually thereafter
  • Periodic security testing keeps employees on high alert for suspicious emails that may be malicious


We take our commitment and responsibility for data security very seriously in order to provide our clients the assurance that GLS / NEXT is focused on managing their data and intellectual property assets correctly.


If you have any security concerns, please ask your GLS / NEXT account representatives or call directly to Nick Fiorenza 763-592-0553 or Frank Powell 763-592-0543.