Pop-up Holiday Card Featured on PaperSpecs.com

GLS / NEXT Precision Marketing designed and printed a 3D holiday card to send out to clients and prospects this past holiday season. When the card was opened it sprang from a flat piece into an eye-popping 3D forest.  “Even though it was to be a unique dimensional holiday card, I wanted our customers to also think of how they could utilize the format in their business or use it for a unique product mailing,” said Jim Benedict, Marketing Director.


The holiday cards used spot clear UV silver glitter with impressive finishing techniques, accordion folded die-cut sheets and were digitally printed using an HP Indigo 12000. The press’ variable-data printing technology personalized each card with the signature of that client’s personal account executive.


Watch the video to learn more about the project and production details:


GLS / Next Pop-up Holiday Card