GLS / NEXT Precision Marketing recognized as a worldwide HP digital print productivity leader and beta test partner for new PrintOS.

GLS-NEXT-print-beat-reportHP Inc. enlisted the GLS / NEXT Digital Studio to participate in the development and beta testing of HP PrintOS, its next-generation, cloud-based operating system used to drive productivity on HP Digital Presses. According to HP officials, it was also recently revealed that GLS / NEXT is a world leader in HP Indigo digital print productivity, documented in HP’s Print Beat scoring that monitors the performance of its presses worldwide.


Introduced in mid-April at the annual Digital Solutions Cooperative (DSCOOP) meeting in San Antonio, TX, the new HP PrintOS print production operating system platform is designed to simplify production and continuously improve operations.


Dave Manship, Digital Studio Operations Manager, participated in the PrintOS launch, appearing in a video and reporting the results of the testing. Manship stated, “We are continuing to use HP PrintOS now on a daily basis. This platform lets us better monitor our operations, consumables and impressions, helps us make better decisions, and meet critical deadlines for our customers.”


This new technology is bringing several operational and customer productivity benefits to GLS / NEXT and its fleet of four HP Indigo digital presses, including real-time visibility of press and project status, file and resource management, and more efficient management of print projects that will result in faster throughput and shorter turnaround times to the customer.


“The integration of PrintOS is the latest of our organization’s continuous productivity advancements.” Manship added, “As one of the industry’s earlier adopters of HP Indigo Digital Presses, we’ve often been asked by HP to help lead their product development. We’ve achieved multiple months of back-to-back 100/100 Print Beat scores, putting us at the top of the HP charts worldwide. Being recognized as an HP global productivity leader in Indigo digital printing is a testament to the expertise of our operators, our workflow, and the commitment of our company to advance the highest levels of print quality.”


View the video, HP interviews Dave Manship: