• This formalized discipline assures you that our use of paper products meet the highest environmental standards.

  • We are trained to proof or print to G7 Neutral Print Density Curves, speeding up processes and reducing spoilage.

  • We institute an ISO Quality Objective of reducing Non-Conforming Product (NCP) waste.

  • We maintain environmental licenses with local communities, the State of Minnesota and the Department of Transportation.

  • We are compliant with OSHA, USDOT, MNDOT hazardous waste requirements, and local community health safety and fire regulations.

  • We maintain a user agreement with the American Soybean Association, which sets standards for use of the “Soy Seal”.

  • This standard assures you that we are providing paper products from well-managed forests, backed by a third-party certification audit.

  • Security and Confidentiality
    per the AICPA

  • We are a certified member of the Great Printer Environmental Initiative since 1997, sponsored by Printing Industry Midwest (PIM).