Why are you still trying to reach audiences when you should be reaching individuals?

In a hyper-connected world where each of us has the power in our smartphones to answer any question in seconds, to discover and learn an almost unimaginable amount of information on nearly any topic, one might assume that marketing would be of diminishing importance.


In fact, marketing spend is exploding. Yet today’s marketers are challenged to reach empowered buyers who are increasingly selective of which messages they want to receive. To break through the noise in more media on more devices, marketers are focusing on producing smarter content across multiple channels, and returning to powerful branding strategies to drive awareness and recognition.


The changing customer journey.

Recent buyer behavior studies show clearly that empowered buyers are actively searching, investigating and comparing — completing between 60 to 70 percent of the traditional sales process on their own before ever engaging with your sales channel.



So what does that mean? Buyers are making early choices based on two things: 1) what they learn and 2) what they believe about your brand. Their investigation includes searchable, discoverable and educational content — from search engine-driven information, engagement tactics and videos on websites, and in distributed PR content, white papers, 3rd party portals and editorial features across the media they use and trust.


However, it’s not enough to depend merely on content to create buyer awareness and trust for your product or offer. To demand attention and create a sense of need, consistent branding across multiple media channels helps elevate you to the top of buyer consideration. From branded digital and print advertising campaigns that drive recognition, to pay-per-click and direct mail outreach campaigns that drive awareness and web traffic, to hyper-targeted, personalized landing pages that drive consideration and conversion, brand promotion helps shape beliefs. In digital or in print, buyers inherently gravitate to the companies, products and offers they know and trust.


In an era of media proliferation, today buyers are convinced by the most powerful of arguments. Their own.


Precision Marketing lights their way.

NEXT Precision Marketing, powered by GLS, is a strategy that puts your brand, your content and your story squarely in front of your best buyers, guiding them on a direct, personalized path they create. It’s integrated branding and content marketing services you need to reach buyers today. Smartly executed strategies with tactics that light their way to your brand.


Precision Marketing services include:

  • Market insights and strategic services
  • Media research & planning
  • Program design & management
  • Branding
  • Creative & design services
  • Publicity, social media & content
  • Digital UX design & web development
  • Search marketing programs
  • Marketing automation & lead nurturing
  • Data-driven marketing programs
  • Integrated print
  • Fulfillment
  • Mailing & distribution


Precision Marketing is a strategy that respects the way buyers investigate — their way. It flips the traditional marketing paradigm, guiding unique customer-centric connections to your brand at every stage of their consideration journey. It’s creating brand recognition and valuable content that reaches ahead of your sales process, shaping simple and calculated engagement paths that connect buyers to your brand.


Today the best way to find customers is to create more precise ways for them to find you.



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